Scheduling 101: For a more productive day!

Procrastinating, potato day, binge-watching all night, wake up late, feel tired in the morning, and end up with lots of unfinished work. Ugh. If it happens only one day or during the weekend, that might not be a problem. What if those kinds of things become a routine? This article is for you. 

1. Block your calendar.

This means that you only focus on one thing at a time. It can be a morning routine around 6-8 am, or for me, it can be Co-ass time every weekday around 7.00 am until 2.30 pm (yep, it includes 30 minutes commuted). It is just like this:

Can you recognize it? Yes, it is the green (personal activities), coral ( co-ass time block), yellow (less energy time block), and brown one (prayer time). Apparently, below are the detail of it:

Do you spot the header of each day? Progressive day, Get shit down, Creation day, and potato day? Those are the highlight or the main focus of each day. For instance, being ambitious and focusing on the tasks during a progressive day are okay. Because you need to be as progressive as hell. The unfinished tasks during The Progressive Day can be done on the Get shit down day (Friday). With this kind of highlight, your bunch of tasks would not ruin your weekend. Creation day means that you can utilize your brain to think creatively. For example, writing a blog, social media planning, reading a book, listening to a motivational podcast to develop my mindset, journaling, redecorating my room, Procreat-ing or Photoshop-ing, or just crafting. Pardon for being slow response during the weekend because I’m investing in myself. Potato days mean I pretend to be a potato, a bare face, household thing, journaling, stretching, meditation, or just become lazy (not lazy at all, just living at a very low pace)

Back to the time blocking, these are the detail of mine:

  • Morning routineYou can put yoga, meditation, read a book, sip tea, or do any activity as your morning routine. 
  • Co-ass time block: It is similar to working time. If there is no co-ass schedule, I can use it to recall my knowledge, like studying about root canal treatment, studying for tomorrow’s co-ass activities, or any related activity. Commitment is an essential element here because you need to be disciplined that watching Drama or scrolling e-commerce will ruin your day (unless you know your own limit). 
  • Less energy time block: As a night owl person, the night is the time when my energy is at its maximum level. During 3-5 pm, most of the time, I failed to finish my tasks or study or do things that make my brain work. I ended up falling asleep. Plus, as a person who lives with family, my family often asks me to help them during this time. Thus, finishing my work is implausible. 

You can also put me time during this time when you can really enjoy the day as the day that you wanna be. 

Those are just an example of time blocking. My tip here is balancing work and life is necessary. Block your time for work, and do not forget to give a space for me-time or self-care. 

2. Put a reminder on

Turn the calendar notifications on so you’ll not forget about your activities. Whether it is on your computer or on your phone. Add an extension (Checker plus for Google Calendar) to your browser just for additional notifications. 

You can definitely look into your schedule with one click on your browser. The reminder will pop up if you turn on that notification option.



Whoa, I’ll stop here and wait for your story when you have implemented both tips above. Until the next post! Thank you for reading. 

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